The Butterfly
A Brazilian flavor enhances this sparkling piece for oboe and piano. A one movement work broken by a hauntingly mysterious interlude. Interesting harmonies abound.
3 minutes 20 seconds
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Very French in style and very rich in structure and music content.
4 minutes 12 seconds
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Is revisited in this newer rendition commissioned by the USAF Band. Some additions were made and a compelling cadenza punctuated by the wind ensemble make for a grand program piece. The wind ensemble is presented as commissioned, with harp and cellos as part of the instrumentation.
7 minutes 10 seconds (approximately)
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This musical dedication is to Ernest Harrison, Oboe Professor Emeritus at The Louisiana State University, and his wife Phyllis. Truly a love song.
2 minutes 6 seconds
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A musical study in 9ths for oboe and piano. Again, a very French flavor.
2 minutes 56 seconds
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An older but very staple constituent of the catalog.
3 minutes 25 seconds
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Two South American Dances
A visit with this piece will be a musical and a refreshing experience. Exciting to play and listen to.
4 minutes 18 seconds
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Melodic, improvisational, rhythmical and, again, very South American in perception.
4 minutes
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This adaptation originated as an oboe quintet (oboe and string quartet)
6 minutes 17 seconds
Oboe and piano parts. $25.00 Buy
String quartet parts. $15.00 Buy