Suite for Oboe, Cello and Piano
Suite for Oboe, Cello and Piano in three movements: Scherzo,Nocturne and Impromptu, an original Sayre work. (All of the pieces in the chamber category have an optional bassoon part to be used in lieu of the cello.)
6 minutes 48 seconds
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for Oboe, Cello and Piano. You could possibly think of a contemporary Chopin work while performing this original Sayre piece.
3 minutes 10 seconds
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The Argentine
Reminiscent of so much that comes from our neighbor to the south; very strident, very bold and very film noir!
2 minutes 52 seconds
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Quando me'n vo
This famous Puccini aria arranged by Sayre works so nicely in this environment.
3 minutes 40 seconds
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Amusez - vous
Though the instrumentation varies a bit the music seems to fit well here. Two oboes and English horn work together nicely!
1 minute 28 seconds
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Music Minus Oboe
Music Minus Oboe - Ever want to practice with an accompanist and there is none available? Here is an effort to solve the problem. Four Charles Sayre pieces with a CD of the piano accompaniments. Also, a full performance if you need to listen to the piece for concept. There you have it! The titles included in vol.1 are: 1) The Butterfly, 2) Mirage, 3) Together, 4) Celebration. If you’re stuck without an accompanist, and it sometimes happens, don’t hesitate to use the CD for performance, others have had considerable success with this. This has been so effective that vol. 2 will soon be on the website.
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Black Is The Color (Of My True Love's Hair)
This is the first of several solo oboe and string orchestra offerings we are planning to present. Once you listen to the full performance of the piece we are confident you will want it for your library.
3 minutes 50 seconds
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Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits - This pairing of oboe with English horn certainly reflects on the title. It is helped along by a moving piano accompaniment.
3 minutes 52 seconds
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